To raise awareness and provide resources to educate the public and government representatives on industrial wind energy’s real impacts including health issues, the environment, property values, wildlife and our overall quality of life.  



SDSRRE is a South Dakota non-profit community service organization. The group was formed in 2017 and received its official legal status in 2018. The organization grew from just a few people across eastern South Dakota, to now representing people in 20 counties.  This organization has grown rapidly because of over 30 industrial wind projects planned for South Dakota. Unless renewable energy in our state is “safe and responsible”, the good life of rural living in South Dakota will be destroyed for tens of thousands. 

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National Wind Watch

Wind Action

Wind Energy Concerns About Rural Environment

Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions

The Coalition for Rural Property Rights

In the Shadow of Wind Farms

Investigative story produced by Gatehouse Media that digs into the effects of living near a wind farm as well as "the wind industry's ties to foreign-owned energy companies."

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 We are a grassroots organization and rely 100% on your donations.  To help our organization in it's efforts, send your check to: SDSRRE Treasurer 41927 162nd St. Clark, SD 57225  

Any donor of $1000 will receive a case of 30 "Paradise Destroyed: The Destruction of Rural Living by the Wind Energy Scam" by Gregg Hubner, our President.   

In Your Own Words.

"In Your Own Words," is produced by Gatehouse Media and is a follow up to "In the Shadow of Wind Farms."

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Paradise Destroyed

About the Book


Gregg Hubner, farmer and real estate professional has studied Wind Energy since 2010. In 2017 with the help of his son Jamin, they wrote a book called Paradise Destroyed: The Destruction of Rural Living by the Wind Energy Scam.  Gregg’s purpose in writing the book was to help educate people that live in the Midwest about the real reasons wind energy projects are built, who profits most from them, and what landowners should know if they are contemplating signing a wind easement. Hubner recounts his personal experience of wind energy colonization and shares his knowledge of just how much damage wind farms can cause property and property-owners. Paradise Destroyed is an absolute must-read. Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

KXLG Radio Interview with Gregg Hubner

Click below for audio from a recent interview on Wind with Gregg Hubner and KXLG radio. 


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We would appreciate your comments on any wind energy project in your area by name and location. This information can then be sent back to the SDSRRE members in your area

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